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Why use lemtalk Slack app?

  • Because it's built for Slack

    Seriously, we aren't like every other Slack helpdesk integration. We're actually built for Slack. In other words, lemtalk can't work if you're not using Slack on a daily basis. Because of this, our app is running smoothly and it's super easy to use.

  • Because it's great for SMBs

    We love all kind of small and medium businesses. Our speciality is helping small and medium businesses to convert more leads and improve customer support- and lemtalk is built just for you!

  • Because you can use it on-the-go

    The best thing when you're using the helpdesk software that's built for Slack is that you don't need to have hundreds of tabs and to navigate through different products all-the-time.

    You can simply download Slack's mobile app, and whether you're on the beach, on the train or on the Mt. Everest, you can answer your support requests on-the-go.

  • Because it's run by the awesome people

    We know it sounds like bragging, but we like making new friends and relationships. We like drinking coffee, improving website conversions, answering to the support requests and making our customers successful with our product!

And because our customers love us!

Carl Nasal - Camna LLC

“We have tried every Slack live chat tool that we've been able to come across, and lemtalk is by far the best.”

Jonathan Levi - BecomeASuperLearner

"We wanted to let our customers feel that they had our support and attention. We also wanted to close the sale in the peak moment of interest. We identified lemtalk, and decided to deploy it when we realized it was so well integrated with Slack."

Craig de Kock - NetStock

"Lemtalk is embedded in our product. We have used lemtalk’s API to feed important customer’s information into Slack. So when a customer puts through a request, we immediately see what’s going on.”

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1-minute set-up. 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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